Monday, May 11, 2020

CBD Oil and Alcohol: A match made in Heaven?

CBD Oil and Alcohol Effects – Do’s and Don’ts

In recent years, the consumption of CBD and its related products has significantly increased. It’s used everywhere now – you’ll see it as a supplement in food (even pet food), topical creams and gels, tablets, inhalers, and even alcoholic beverages! Its numerous health benefits are being widely studied with promising results!

So, what is the deal with alcohol and CBD oil? Can you mix the two together?
Keep reading to find out more about the Do’s and Don’ts of CBD oil and alcohol!

CBD with Alcohol – Are there any disadvantages?

While CBD oil has many protective roles in terms of alcohol consumption, both of these products potentiate the effects of each other.

CBD oil is naturally an anxiolytic – it reduces anxiety and stress levels. The consumption of CBD oil makes you feel relaxed to the extent that you start feeling sleepy.

Alcohol consumption, too, makes you feel drowsy and sleepy. It impairs your cognitive functions and clouds your thinking abilities.

When these two are mixed together, the result is potentiation of their effects. CBD oil enhances alcohol’s sedative and inhibitory effects on the brain. Even though we learned earlier than CBD oil with alcohol decreases the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the sedative effects of alcohol and the cognitive effects that accompany it are increased, despite a low blood alcohol concentration. Although CBD doesn’t cause any cognitive impairment on its own, it can enhance the cognitive impairment caused by the consumption of alcohol.

Therefore, if you’re just looking to have a great time, the combination will work great for you! It will intensify the pleasure you’re feeling. Moreover, this combination is also great for those that have difficulty falling asleep. Traditional sleeping medications make you feel drowsy and tired. Some of these have an after-effect, making you feel drowsy even after you’re awake. On the other hand, CBD and alcohol can improve your sleep quality, provided you’re taking it in recommended doses!
So, should you consume CBD oil and alcohol together or is it harmful to your body? The answer is yes, you can consume CBD oil and alcohol, but you need to take a few precautions while doing so.

Here are a few DON’Ts of consuming CBD oil and alcohol together:

·         Make sure you’re not consuming too much of either together! If you’re just new to consuming CBD oil and alcohol together, start in very small doses. Every human body is different and everyone’s tolerance to alcohol is different as well. Starting with small doses will make you realize how much you can tolerate and what doses are good for you without producing too much sedation or cognitive impairment.

·         Just like you’re not supposed to drink alcohol before driving, make sure not to drink CBD and alcohol before driving or performing any important function that requires focus. Many people still drive after consuming small quantities of alcohol. However, since CBD oil can potentiate the effects of alcohol, it’s better to stay away from the steering wheel and sit on the back seat of a cab instead!

·         Don’t settle for cheap quality products that contain impure alcohol or impure CBD! Make sure the alcohol mixed with CBD you’re getting is from a certified brand that makes pure products. Impure CBD that’s grown illegally may contain trace amounts of THC, which is the compound in marijuana that gives you a high. THC and alcohol don’t go well together and can have disastrous effects so make sure you’re getting your CBD alcohol cocktail from a recognized or certified place!

Here are a few DO’S of consuming CBD and alcohol together:

·         CBD oil is generally a lot stronger than CBD tincture and it doesn’t mix well with alcohol. Always prefer using CBD tincture with alcohol because it’s lighter and mixes well with alcohol! CBD tincture is also readily available mixed with alcoholic beverages.  

·         If you’ve been prescribed CBD for medical reasons by your doctor, make sure you don’t mix it with alcohol without consulting with your doctor first! Only your physician can give the best advice on how to mix CBD with alcohol so that it is still therapeutic for you and there are no harmful effects. Moreover, if you have any metabolic disorders, you should always consult your doctor before trying anything new.

·         Always look for certifications when you’re buying CBD oil or alcohol or even a mixture of both from someone!

CBD Oil’s Protective Role Against Alcohol

Many research studies suggest that the intake of CBD oil protects against the effects of alcohol. Here are a few ways CBD oil has proven to be beneficial against the effects of alcohol:

·         CBD oil prevents your liver from being damaged by alcohol

Alcohol causes fatty liver disease in those who regularly consume it in large amounts. However, CBD oil has been shown to play a protective role by preventing this disease! It protects the cells of the liver so that fatty degeneration doesn’t damage the liver.

·         CBD protects your brain from alcohol-induced damage

Alcohol has a degenerative effect on the brain’s neurons. On the other hand, CBD oil has a protective effect on the brain! It has antioxidant properties that protect the brain against oxidative damage induced by alcohol. It also protects the neurons of your brain by enhancing the production of anti-inflammatory proteins.

·         Consuming CBD oil before alcohol helps lower blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

Studies show that when you consume CBD oil before consuming alcohol or even with alcohol, your blood alcohol concentration is significantly lower than if you consume alcohol alone! This means that CBD oil makes you less drunk with the same amount of alcohol!
As a result of the decreased blood alcohol concentration (BAC), your liver will be less loaded with alcohol and there will be fewer chances of liver degeneration!

These are a few of the many protective roles that CBD plays in alcohol consumption!
So, what are you waiting for? Try out a CBD mocktail and have a great time! Don’t forget to keep the do’s and don’ts of CBD and alcohol in your mind when you mix the two!


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