Wednesday, May 27, 2020

How CBD Oil Benefits Dogs

CBD gets credited with the potential to alleviate different pain points in humans. Naturally, veterinary officers and pet owners wonder if CBD oil for dogs can provide those very benefits.
In fact, according to Statista, 27% of pet owners in the US purchased CBD oil for their pets in 2019. With about 63.4 million households owning dogs, many of these pets have once or often been subjected to a CBD oil dose. 
So, is CBD oil beneficial to dogs? Undeniably, Yes. That said, let us have a glance at the…

Conditions that CBD oil can solve in dogs

All mammals have a unique-functioning organ scientifically named the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS has neurotransmitters called the cannabinoid receptors.
Therefore, the consumption of CBD activates the cannabinoid receptors of the Endocannabinoid System in dogs to create a homeostatic effect and boost immunity.
When these two occur, the following conditions get alleviated from dogs:

1.    Osteoarthritis

Arthritis in dogs gets characterized by an unusual functionality of the joints, which in turn, brings about severe pain. Mainly, arthritis an inflammatory condition.
Thankfully, CBD oil is known for its plethora of anti-inflammatory properties. CBD reduces inflammatory pain from the joints of those dogs; thus, loosening up the joints and enhancing mobility.
According to PubMed, dogs that suffer from arthritis can get pain relief, especially when the dosage gets administered twice daily at the needful doses.

2.    Pain

There are different reasons why your dog may be suffering from pain. The pain could be disease-related, chronic, or even inflammatory.
As mentioned above, CBD is an anti-inflammatory compound that can help in stopping reducing pain coming as a result of joint inflammation.
Aged dogs that suffer from back pain emanating from Intervertebral Pain Disease can also enjoy moments of relief when a CBD oil dosage gets administered to their bodies.

3.    Cancer

There is no single piece of dependable research showing that CBD can cure cancer in dogs. However, there are possible benefits of CBD that can help in treating cancer conditions.
According to a study, CBD has tumor-reducing effects, especially during radiation therapy, thereby alleviating the harmful side effects.
Also, CBD oil can help in reducing tumors on the brain and spine. Although these two studies were not done on dogs, the results can be replicated since they have the ECS. 

4.    Nausea

Scientists believe that the Endocannabinoid System gets involved in the regulation of metabolism. Unregulated metabolism means that your dog will struggle to have an appetite even for its favorite food or treat. 
This could be due to the repulsive effects of cancer treatment. Fortunately, many oncologists believe that the integration of CBD oil in the treatment can reduce nausea.

5.    Seizures

Studies show that CBD oil for dogs is useful when it comes to managing seizures. The exact way in which CBD manages the frequency of seizures in dogs is unknown as of the moment.  
Nonetheless, scientists ultimately believe that CBD improves the control of seizures in patients suffering from specific epileptic conditions.


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