Thursday, July 30, 2020

What does CBD Oil do for Heart Health?

You’ll find CBD oil in almost every “health and wellness” aisle in grocery stores! CBD-infused products have taken over the market – you’ll find everything from CBD bath bombs to CBD pet food in stores!

So, what is CBD and what are its effects on the human heart? Is it any good for heart health as claimed by a lot of companies and research? Keep reading to find out more!

 CBD Oil

Before we go on to details, you should know what exactly CBD oil is.

CBD oil is cannabidiol oil. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is naturally found in the hemp plant and extracted from it for its beneficial effects.


Benefits of CBD Oil for the Heart

CBD oil works in numerous ways to improve heart health. Here are some of the benefits of CBD oil for heart health:

·         CBD oil reduces inflammation

Inflammation is a key contributor to many heart diseases like heart attacks. Chronic inflammation occurs in cases where the body is continuously exposed to harmful substances. While you’re growing up, fats and cholesterol accumulate in the arteries that supply blood to your heart. If your diet is poor, the build-up can eventually turn into plaque. The body then starts a chronic inflammatory response toward the plaque, which can further worsen as more cells are attracted to the area with the plaque. This can break down and detach the plaque. Eventually, the plaque travels in your bloodstream and can block tiny arteries supplying blood to your heart, resulting in a heart attack.

Thus, with its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD can be effective in reducing the chances of heart attacks.


·         It can reduce potential risks after a heart attack occurs

A study also shows that CBD oil can reduce the incidence of arrhythmias (which is a dysregulation in the electric rhythm of your heart causing it to beat abnormally) when given after a heart attack and can also reduce the size of the damaged part!



·         CBD oil can potentially reduce blood pressure

Chronic high blood pressure causes hypertensive heart disease. It can lead to an abnormal enlargement of the heart which can even result in heart failure. A study shows that CBD oil can decrease blood pressure!

It can do so by relaxing blood vessels so that blood flows through your circulatory system smoothly and easily.



·         CBD oil reduces stress and anxiety while improving mood

CBD oil can improve your mood and eliminate stress. When it comes to the heart, stress is a real killer! Leading a stressful life significantly increases your chances of getting heart diseases. Studies suggest that CBD oil works on serotonin receptors, making them more sensitive to serotonin, a neurochemical that regulates mood.

By reducing stress levels, CBD oil can protect your heart!


These are a few of the many benefits of CBD oil for your body!


How to Take CBD Oil to Improve Heart Health

There are many different ways of taking in CBD oil to improve heart health, some of which are listed below with their pros and cons:

·         CDB edibles – these include CBD gummies, candies and taffies. CDB edibles are extremely popular and can be found easily. However, they have certain disadvantages like delayed absorption of CBD because the edibles have to be digested first. Moreover, edibles are available in limited potencies, making it harder to adjust dosing for each individual.


·         CBD tablets and pills – CBD tablets and pills are readily available. They are available in different potencies, making it easier for you to adjust your dosing schedule. However, CBD oil from these pills and tablets takes hours to get absorbed because the tablets and pills have to go through the digestive system to be absorbed. Moreover, it’s possible that not all the CBD gets absorbed this way.


·         CBD vapes and inhalers – CBD vapes and inhalers have a rapid onset of action because the CBD gets absorbed into your bloodstream from the lungs. However, ethical concerns behind CBD vaping and the potentially harmful effects of vapes can be a downside.


·         CBD sublingual tablets – these tablets are to be placed under the tongue until they get dissolved. This form of CBD gets absorbed quickly. The veins under your tongue absorb the CBD, thus, the CBD doesn’t need to bypass your digestive system first! This allows for a rapid onset of action too. This mode of taking in CBD is great for heart health.


·         CBD topicals – CBD topicals like cosmetics, bath bombs, and creams are usually used for local pain relief or skincare effects!




Frequently Asked Questions


Will consuming CBD oil make me high?

No, consuming CBD oil does not make you because CBD is not a psychoactive substance. The compound in marijuana that makes you high is THC, not CBD.


Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in the US and UK, given that the THC concentration is regulated and lower than the maximum recommended amount, that is, 0.3% for the US and 0.2% for the UK.



Whenever you start consuming CBD oil, it’s always best to start with a lower dosage. Studies show that CBD oil shows its maximum beneficial effects at an optimum dosage and its potential benefits decrease both, above and below that dosage.

Since every human body reacts differently, it’s best to find out on your own what dosage works best for you. Start with the lowest possible dosage and then gradually increase the dosage until you start seeing the positive effects of CBD on your body. Then, keep the dosage constant!




Whenever you’re getting a CBD oil product, make sure you get it from a trusted brand that has a good repute. Look for brands that offer certifications of their CBD and allow you to trace their CBD source. This is extremely important to make sure that the CBD oil you’re getting is pure and natural. It should be free from contaminants to reduce exposure to chemicals!

Moreover, if you’re already taking medicines for heart diseases, you should consult your doctor before adding CBD oil to your regime!



CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that can protect the heart from a number of diseases. It’s a safe oil to consume without any major side effects so it’s worth giving a shot!

That being said, make sure you follow the precautions and dosage instructions whenever you give it a try!


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